Monday, January 27, 2014

Olympic Cost goes through rooooooof

The figures are starting to trickle West--these Winter Olympic games will be the most expensive by a MASSIVE margin. 50+BILLION (with a 'b') dollars will be spent to make Sochi ready for 2014's Winter Olympics. To put that in perspective, it's nearly 10 times more than Vancouver's cost 4 years ago. Beijing also paid a whopping 44 billion, which leads some to consider the cost of construction in developing countries (China and Russia being second tier if they needed to be labelled.) Where is the money going? The media reports leading up to the games were sometimes laughable, nothing seemed to be complete. Well it's a black eye in the face of Russian authorities for sure. But at the end of the day they aren't surprised, they're probably complicit. Those billions are going into someone's pockets. It's true the building of Sochi campus is expensive. They essentially built a mini Vegas all in one spot to host all games except mountain sports. The sad part of the whole 'investment' is that the regular Russian struggling to survive won't see a penny. Look at previuos games like Greece. Those buildings sit empty and the city (country) runs amok with unemployment. Yes, there are better ways to spend money, but then again, perhaps the Olympic games is an investment, so long as you can demonstrate fiscal responsibility, which Russian can't.