Monday, August 5, 2013

Russia, Snowden, Obama, and Olympics

Sometimes you wonder if Russia is run by a bunch of thugs who embezzle so much money they just sit around the table and laugh at ways they can make the world mad. Then again, by granting Snowden asylum they're also saying how much they remain the antithesis of the West (whether that's good or bad). Then you have Obama snubbing an upcoming meeting with Putin. THen you have Olympic excitement and the call to move the games in Sochi to Vancouver. Why? Russia's new legal stance on homosexuality, essentially imprisonment. Most chalk this up to a human rights violation, a basic one, but then again, not every country feels the same as the West. But then again, not every country celebrates the same level of fundamental human rights as us either. Either way, Russia remains complex, but nowadays they seem to just be prodding from afar giggling with glee.

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