Monday, January 27, 2014

Olympic Cost goes through rooooooof

The figures are starting to trickle West--these Winter Olympic games will be the most expensive by a MASSIVE margin. 50+BILLION (with a 'b') dollars will be spent to make Sochi ready for 2014's Winter Olympics. To put that in perspective, it's nearly 10 times more than Vancouver's cost 4 years ago. Beijing also paid a whopping 44 billion, which leads some to consider the cost of construction in developing countries (China and Russia being second tier if they needed to be labelled.) Where is the money going? The media reports leading up to the games were sometimes laughable, nothing seemed to be complete. Well it's a black eye in the face of Russian authorities for sure. But at the end of the day they aren't surprised, they're probably complicit. Those billions are going into someone's pockets. It's true the building of Sochi campus is expensive. They essentially built a mini Vegas all in one spot to host all games except mountain sports. The sad part of the whole 'investment' is that the regular Russian struggling to survive won't see a penny. Look at previuos games like Greece. Those buildings sit empty and the city (country) runs amok with unemployment. Yes, there are better ways to spend money, but then again, perhaps the Olympic games is an investment, so long as you can demonstrate fiscal responsibility, which Russian can't.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Russia, Snowden, Obama, and Olympics

Sometimes you wonder if Russia is run by a bunch of thugs who embezzle so much money they just sit around the table and laugh at ways they can make the world mad. Then again, by granting Snowden asylum they're also saying how much they remain the antithesis of the West (whether that's good or bad). Then you have Obama snubbing an upcoming meeting with Putin. THen you have Olympic excitement and the call to move the games in Sochi to Vancouver. Why? Russia's new legal stance on homosexuality, essentially imprisonment. Most chalk this up to a human rights violation, a basic one, but then again, not every country feels the same as the West. But then again, not every country celebrates the same level of fundamental human rights as us either. Either way, Russia remains complex, but nowadays they seem to just be prodding from afar giggling with glee.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Save the whistleblower, nah, just kidding

Obama is fast approaching the time when his fantastic communication project that began in 2008 is winding down so fast the top is spinning out of control. The promises he made are seemingly moot. Democrats are even questioning the extent this President is centrist, and perhaps in right leaning in many of his decisions. The extent of the Bush era post-9/11 has been felt by many, but few understood how deep it went. Snowden blew the lid off of NSA surveillance; the organization has been keeping a close eye on EVERYBODY'S activity. Kind of like how your credit card company knows your every purchase except this more than your purchases. This is everything electronic and even your phone. The part of national security, vs, whistleblower protection, is now challenged. THere is no way the government will relent. THis is too big to turn the other cheek. Snowden may never return, assuming he stays alive, and Obama will have another chink in the armour to cap off a bleek second term.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Obama for another

Have to say I'm somewhat surprised the Republicans made it so, at least in terms of popular vote. Yes, they lost popular vote (no Karl, you won nothing), but it was pretty close. We're a country that's still deeply divided. Can anything get done/ Well there is hope. This victory is an indication that the country is slowly turning around and more often than not rational thinking prevails over empty and overzealous religious idealism. There' s hope yet.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NY State Bar Says Change Bar

Book smart or street smart seems to be the name of the game when it comes to Bar association meetings. They, in response to firms, want law schools to train lawyers and not necessarily bots who can spit out information. Seems the pragmatics of practicing law aren't being taught well enough in schools.

That may be true, I mean after all I should know how to bill a client over lunch effectively so my firm can make more money.

Of course, all of this could happen assuming the bar changes, well, the bar exam. Can't have a 16 hour test on nothing and everything in particular yet simultaneously demand adjustments to curriculum.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Associate on Tape

Well not tape, CD.

I had a long drive and opted to try my hand at books on CD. I picked the associate. I ran out of road before the book was done. It was both a thrill and reality check. The reality check consists of the glamor and abuse associates take on Wall Street. How much of it is true? Probably all of it. You can't even blames these guys for charging, after all if you don't someone else will.

The only thing you gotta balance is a crappy lifestyle. Sure you make 1.5 million a year but man, if you can't spend it what's the point? But that's the push to the top, you wanna roll with the big boys you have to play and work like the big boys.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Glamour is listening to a John Grishman book on tape and relishing the abuse junior associates get so you wear Prada shoes to your 18hr a day job. Hmmmm, cash, house in the Hampton's, combined with kids who hate you, obligatory three divorces, and black sedan escorts to your 2400 lunches. SWEET. :P